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UV Disinfection System

SnowWhite Offers

Simple and Inexpensive. Ease of use and Service. Kills all bacteria & Virus. Achieves Log 4 of purity
SnowWhite Standardised Models. High Flow Rate. Stainless Steel Reactor &High intensity low pressure UV lamp with electronic ballast.

Ultraviolet (UV) Water Treatment is a form of disinfection which does not use any filtration mechanism or chlorine/chemicals but has high levels of success in destroyingviruses, microorganisms,bacteria and other pathogens in water.


  • SnowWhite UV systems offer environmentally friendly water disinfection system
  • SnowWhite UV systems are used for disinfection in high rate flow systems, chemical environments, sugar distillers.
  • Maintenance is very simple and economical to operate
  • Offers an log 4 ie 99.99% removal of bacteria, virus and cysts

Used in

  • RO Pre-treatment, Municipal potable Water treatment
  • Drinking Water Treatment Plants
  • Packaged Mineral water plants
  • UV Disinfectant used as an alternate to Chlorination process in Municipal water
  • Used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cottages, laboratories and marine
  • UV Treatment for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • UV water is used for Aquariums, dairiesand Fish Farms
  • All industries where processed water is used