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Ultra Filtration

SnowWhite Offers

Alternate to Current Pre-Treatment Processes Helps High Water Recovery.
Pre-Engineered Readily Available Modules. Our UF Modules comes with Strong Fibres for improved lifetime.

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a process in which microbial contaminants anddissolved particulate matter are removed at considerably low costs. Pressure drives the process, which typically operates with a feed pressure of 4 to 100 psig. UF is used as a pre-treatment process before water is treated with RO process. UF can be used without RO also. SnowWhite engineers design and construct tailor-made ultrafiltration plants.


  • Removes Bacteria, Viruses, Algae, Pyrogens, Dissolved organics
  • Simple, vertical, modular design allows low cost, compact systems
  • Totally Hygienic design with back wash.
  • Consistent Water Quality
  • Low operating & maintenance costs.
  • Improves life of RO plant.
  • Used in Chemical treatment too with high chemical tolerance.
  • High Foul & Odour resistance

Used in

  • RO Pre-treatment, Municipal potable Water treatment
  • Desalination, Waste water Treatment Plants
  • Food and Beverage Industry, Pharma & Power Industries
  • All industries where processed water is used.