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Ultra Home Water Filtration System

Complete Integrated Water Solution

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Why water should spoil the ecstasy of your new Home?

Any home is a big deal from the heart. We would have had endless dreams about the home, lots of planning and attention gone into each and every detailing of your home, the bedrooms, kitchen, closet, colors etc... The happiness might be short-lived if the water in your dream home is very hard, filled with sediment, sand and rust and the water supply pipe lines get clogged and the costly bathroom faucets and fittings needs replacement too often.

At SnowWhite, we provide complete solutions for all your water problems, with our unique Ultra Home Water Filtration program. No one other than SnowWhite would understand better the problems; frustration and irritation you’d be into because of water related problems at your (new) home- which by far would have been the highest investment you might have ever done.Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we analyze your water, survey your operation, assess your needs, and deliver you the ideal water treatment solution—customized to your household needs. We ensure your operation's water is clean, clear and consistent, so you can focus on more important things. More importantly your get endless peace, good health and happiness you can proclaim to the whole universe.

Ultra Home Water Filtration comprises of the following:

  • Tank Bag Filter – For dirt, slush, sediment, algae, tadpole, worm free water.
  • Softeners – For Pure Soft Water.
  • Domestic RO – For Tasty Mineral Water
  • Chlorine, Iron & Manganese Remover.

Domestic RO

RO water purifiers produce great-tasting, safe and pure water at a very cheap cost and the products are trouble free. If the RO water purifiers are serviced regularly and worn out parts replaced they would be a friend of your family for decades. Some of the other benefits of RO water purifiers which make them really popular are

  • Removal of unwanted odors or tastes
  • More robust tasting beverages that are mixed with Reverse Osmosis treated water (coffee, tea, etc.)
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • At a time when water provided through public pipeline has become very scarce, RO units have come as a boom as we are able to convert salty borewater to tasty mineral water in front of our eyes.
  • No chemical added in the process. Safe even for new born kids.

SnowWhite’s wide range of RO Water purifiers offer self-dependability, reliability, cost savings, consistent water quality treatment, and also come with lots of latest technical advancements upgraded into it. So while all unnecessary impurities, bacteria, contaminants are removed, all needed minerals are retained in the purified water.

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Bathroom Softener

The Ultra compact design SnowWhite bathroom Softener is ideal for all domestic users. SnowWhite high Quality resin allows for an Ultra compact design and technology will ensure you always have soft water when you need it at very much affordable prices.

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Home Softener

Home Softener is part of the complete SnowWhite Ultra Home Water Filtration System offered by SnowWhite. SnowWhite water softeners eradicate hard water problems, producing litre upon litre of fresh, soft water each and every day of the year.

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