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Ultra Water Filtration System - Commercial

Commercial Institutions- Complete Integrated Water Solution

Free Consulting Study your business, its processes; Analyse water.
Recommend Long Lasting Solution. Complete Business Transformation.

Don’t let water ruin your business?

For any commercial organizations including hotels, restaurants, Software companies, Clinics, Factories, banks, hospitals or education institutions, water is a very important and a key commodity. But it’s a big surprise that most of the commercial organizations have not given much attention about the Water they use but Water has a dramatic impact on their key business operations. Water in hotels / restaurants coming in dull colour, very hard and severe on their customers skin has a long lasting negative impact on their business. Most of the commercial establishments including software companies, educational institutions, hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc use water supplied by water Tank Lorries only. Unclean tanksandtotally hard water supplied by water Tank Lorries from unknown water sources does not do any good to the overall quality of their customer centric operations.

At SnowWhite, we are devoted to provide best service by helping you get long lasting solutions to your water problems. Our Ultra Water Filtrationprogram includes free consulting, study your total business processes,test and analyse the water. Based on industry benchmark standards and our huge expertise we would recommend perfect need based solutions which would save water related costs for your business (Small or Big), fetches more business and brings in cheers and happiness. SnowWhite helps Sustained Business Transformation for an Independent Future.

Ultra Water Filtration – Commercial Organizations comprises of the following:

  • Tank Bag Filter – For dirt, slush, sediment, algae, tadpole, worm free water.
  • UV Sterilization System
  • Softeners – For Pure Soft Water.
  • Industrial RO – For Tasty Mineral Water.

SnowWhite Commercial RO

SnowWhite – Independent Future.

SnowWhite’s wide range of Commercial RO Water plants offer self-dependability, reliability, cost savings, consistent water quality treatment, and also come with lots of latest technical advancements upgraded into it. So while all unnecessary impurities, bacteria, contaminants are removed, all needed minerals are retained in the purified water.

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