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Tank Bag Filter - Domestic

Common Issue @ All Water Tanks

Do you know that this is how OverHead Tank looks in 90% of the houses?

Water from the Water Well with Pump, Corporation, Borewell or Water Sump always contains a certain amount of contaminants, such as dirt, silt, clay, organic material, rust, Microbiological and suspended solids. Accumulations of residues and sediments in your water tank can cause poor appearance, with the water looking too hazy, cloudy or dirty looking. With a layer of microbiological algae grown in the bottom and sides of the tank gives a picture of neglect.

Issues with cleaning the tank

Though every single owner of the house / flat / society plan cleaning their tanks at regular intervals it does not happen due to time, shortage of cleaners and tank cleaners demanding exorbitant fee for the cleaning ( Some charge upto Rs. 2000 for cleaning the tank).

Tank Bag Filter – Crystal Clear Over Head Tank Water

SnowWhite – Independent Future.

Crystal Clear Tap Water No dust, Slush, Sediment, worms and rust in Over Head Tank
Treatment of Borewell, well, Sump water. No need for workers to clean Tank Any longer.

As the market leader in water treatment, we’ve brought water quality solutions to hundreds of thousands of homes. Overhead Tank Bag Filter is very much an essential product that has to be fitted near overhead water tanks. Water from the borewell /well / sump would be treated and crystal clear pure water is stored in the tank. So you need not be unsure about whether the water you use would be filled with dust, clay and other tiny sediment particles and also not hesitant while using the water for cooking, brushing, bathing or washing your clothes/vessels.

Look at the Benefits

  • Clean, clear water - Filters out all Microbiological and suspended solids like dirt, silt, clay, organic material, rust. A Tank bag filter helps you get clean clear water for bathing, brushing, cleaning, washing etc…..
  • Avoids huge residual particles and sediments in the bottom of the tank.
  • No sediment and rust from Borewater: In some areas water from borewell itself would be muddy and filled with tiny sand particles. The mud would in turn start creating blockages in pipelines, taps, showers, drains, washing machines, heaters, flushes of faucets. Tank bag filter filters all particles from bore water.
  • Longlife on Home Appliances:100% guaranteed that washing machines, RO machines, Solar water Heaters, electric water heaters, Car washing sprayers would not malfunction every now and then due to blockage created by dust and sediments.
  • Minimize Dependency: No Regular Service; No running behind workers on cleaning tanks; But you have consistently treated clean tank as almost 95% of the sediments and residual particles are filtered out for an Independent Future.