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SnowWhite Solid Waste Management – SWM Plant

SnowWhite – Compost Sieve, Manual Sorting Conveyor,Plastic Shredder, Pulverizer, Plastic Bailing. Customizable based on Client Needs. From 1 Ton per Hr to 30 Tons per hour.
Municipalities, Recycling Factory, Sugar Industry, Agricultural Farms. Service Helpline; Immediate Service

SnowWhite SWM Machinery - We are leading manufacturer and well known dealer and supplier of machinery used in garbage processing and solid waste plants. Solid Waste management machines are also customized based on client need and requirements. SnowWhite engages advanced technology in treating the solid waste.

Different methodologies are used for treating the bio-degradable waste into converting them to compost. Plastic Shredders, Screeners, Sorting platforms, Pelletizer etc assists in the recycling process. SnowWhite SWM machinery are known for its rigid quality and are used in complex Turnkey projects in many municipalities.

Service - After sales support for the machinery is backed by a helpline and the service is managed with qualified Engineers. This ensures the machinery which needs service are attended immediately and the SWM processes are not impacted.