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SnowWhite Solar Water Heaters

Germany is leading other countries in the generation of electricity from solar power and also usage of Solar water Heaters. Germany which has colder climate most part of the year and gets only about as much sunshine as the state of Alaska, but Germans have successfully installed more number of solar water heaters than any other country.

SnowWhite, true to its principle of “Best Quality @ Right price” offers numerous models of Solar Water Heaters primarily designed for a well informed Indian customer looking out for best performing machines at the right price. We have different models that cater to water heating requirements of domestic, industrial and institutional segments. Our solar water heaters are 70% more efficient and heat water faster compared to the best of water heaters available in the market currently. So you would see increased savings and fast payback time on your investment too. We have various models from 100 LPD, 200, 300, 500 LPD till 20000 LPD.

Ideal for home, hotel, hostel, apartments, hospital and industrial water heating requirements


  • Quick pay-back-period
  • Prices are very low compared to Electric Water Heaters (of the same capacity).
  • Negligible operating costs

Electricity Used Electric Water Heater Solar Water Heater
4 Units for 100 Litres per day -
1 Unit @ 5 Rs 20 Rs Per day -
1 Month Expense 600 Rs -
1 Year Expense 7200 Rs -


Benefits for a lifetime to cherish

  • Stainless Steel Body - SS 316 L Steel.
  • 5 years warranty.
  • No Clogging & Choking unlike those old-fashioned copper tube solar water heaters
  • Unique Anti-Reverse Valve to ensure cool water does not mix.
  • Corrosion resistant pure polyester powder coating for rust free performance.
  • Greater absorption area, auto sun tracking due to circular shape of vacuum tubes.
  • Efficient performance in winter and partially cloudy days.
  • We have a large Customer base even in cool towns like Ooty, Valparai & Pollachi.

Other benefits of Solar Water Heaters

  • Huge Savings on electricity, gas, diesel or wood bills.
  • Save tones of greenhouse gas emissions every year. Environment-friendly.
  • Hot Water all the time at High temperature.
  • Extremely long-life; Maintenance-free.
  • Back up provision to use: Electric Water Heating Filament Coil.

SnowWhite Solar Water Heater - 100LPD


SnowWhite Solar Water Heater - 200LPD


SnowWhite Solar Water Heater - 500LPD