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Normal UPS To Solar UPS

Convert Unused / old Electric Inverter to Solar Inverter. Save Electricity & Money by converting from Normal Electric Inverter to Solar Inverter.
Pure Sine wave output. No More changing of Batteries or UPS failing annually.

  • If you have Unused Inverter due to problem with Normal UPS
  • If you think the normal UPS is failing in less than a year due to power failures.
  • Do you want to cut down on huge electricity bills due to Normal Inverters?

Its time you convert your existing inverter into a solar inverter and cut down on your electricity bills! Our Flagship product would use your existing inverter itself and convert it into a Solar inverter to support charge from Solar Panels to charge the battery set. The converter uses a MPPT based Solar Charge Controller.

  • Pure Sine wave output
  • Simple & easy installation
  • Built In MPPT Solar Charge Controller.
  • Directly can be charged from Solar.
  • Max preference to Solar Power.
  • LCD Display
  • 10-20% more solar energy is harvested by using MPPT solar charger