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SnowWhite Solar UPS – Institutional Pack

Schools, Colleges, Places of worship, offices, Stores –
There has been no better time to adapt to Solar Power.
Lead from the front and undo the major power crisis. Govt Subsidy also available.
Free Electricity –
For Institutional Use, Pay back is only 2 – 3 years.
Inverter - EB Bill doubles
Generator: Rs 16/Unit*. Running cost very high.
Powered by SnowWhite Solar Panel with High Quality ‘Q’ Cells. Exide Battery Used. 30 – 40 years Max Power Generation. 25 Year Warranty.

Our uncompromising promise: Our Modules come with a 25 year power output warranty. Our Panel comply all needed MNRE specifications and certified by MNRE.

UPS System Quality: Our PV modules are QA tested for consistent high performance. The toughened glass wrapping the solar cells withstands any high impact. It also comes with a heavy duty anodized aluminum frame. We use only Exide battery for longer battery life. No compromises.

SnowWhite Independent Future:
Dreaming of a future with power in abundance, no restriction on electricity usage, predictable power with no power bills and independent from all clutches of uncertainties. That safe and bright future is very near with SnowWhite Solar

Benefits of SnowWhite Solar for Institutions

Solar Electricity is not meant only during power cuts as it is thought but it is a replacement for the conventional form of electricity source itself. Now all educational institutions are moving from conventional electricity to Solar Electricity.

SnowWhite Solar Electricity Conventional Form / Invertor / Generator
Solar Electricity – The complete electricity requirements of the institution would be met from Single Source. Day time electricity drawn directly from Solar Panel and Night hours from Battery backup. Need to look out for multiple resources like Power from Grid (Conventional Method), Invertor and Generator.
Free Electricity – Generally pay back period for Solar plant is about 2 to 3 years for institutional users. Solar systems work for 30 years.
After 2 years* it’s all free electricity forever.
Money Saved is Money Earned.


(Based on real time data)

Conventional Grid power: Once load crosses 100KW and consumption crosses 500 units all units are charged at close to 10Rs/Unit. Generally institutions are paying EB bill of more than 30000 Rs*. Very Expensive.
Inverter: EB Bill doubles as electricity is used from power grid source. Very expensive.
Generator: Generally the unit cost is about Rs 16/Unit*. Very expensive.
(Based on real time data)
Long Life of Solar System:
Life Time of Panel – 30 Plus Years.
Battery – 5 to 7 Years. Maintenance Free.
Invest once and enjoy free electricity for lifetime.
Lifetime of power inverters is very less. Sometimes less than even 1 year.
Performs well for 3 – 5 years. After 5 years would incur huge amount on maintenance.
Independent Future:
Generate your own electricity and use it. No restriction and no dependence on anyone or other power source. Complete independence and Total self-reliance.
Dependence Woes:
Using power from other source. No control on power cuts and less reliable.
Students of the educational institutions/ users of offices get uninterrupted power supply even during rainy days or power cut period and power shut down Saturdays.

The management though paying huge bills for electricity have faced numerous problems due to low voltage, power cuts, summer heat during shut downs and interrupted computer sessions.

SnowWhite Solar Project Implementation Approach

SnowWhite is a company led and managed by a group of enthusiastic and highly experienced engineers and they have put in practice a disciplined process oriented approach in each of the Solar Power project getting implemented.
Going Solar with the expert SnowWhite