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Solar Fans - Pedestal

No more power cut irritation. Upto 5-6 hours power back up Save Power (15 Watt Vs 85 for normal fans)
With LED White light Portable. Used during trips/tours. (Packing / unpacking very simple).
Colour: Blue and White 12 inch Blades

Package Includes

Pedestal Fan, Solar Panel, Wire Set, Concealed Battery.


  • 2 Way Charging – AC / DC - Solar Panel / AC Grid Power.
    The battery can be charged both through Solar Panel and directly from AC power.
  • Wider Reach
    The fan is designed to cover wider room space.
  • Upto 5-6 Hours back up.
    The battery backup is wonderfully sufficient enough to give uninterrupted sleep even during powerless nights.
  • LED Light
    Now brighten up your place during powerless nights. 3 Nos of LED Lights
  • Mobile Charger (Optional)
    Some models include option to charge mobile also. Supports all major mobile charging types.
  • Save Electricity
    No electricity needed. Less consumption too. Only 15 w Vs 85W for normal fans. Huge savings on your electricity bills.
  • Long Life
    Rigid Built Body; Long lifetime - 10 years plus.
  • Battery
    Sealed Exide Battery.
    No maintenance needed
  • Warranty
    1 Year.