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SnowWhite Solar Charge Controller

Various ranges from 3A to 100A. (6V to 240V) Microcontroller based design.
Both PWM and MPPT models. 2 Years Warranty.

Go Green, Microprocessor Controlled, Powered by Sun giving electricity

A solar charge controller will protect the Solar batteries from being overcharged by the solar panels and it will block any reverse current (from the batteries) as well. Solar charge controllers will actually protect every aspect of the solar UPS from the batteries and the solar panels. Our Solar Charge Controllers are equipped with Temperature sensors which help the charge controller more accurately in regulating the charge of the battery bank.

PWM Technology

SnowWhite’s low cost PWM based Solar Charge Controllers are highly efficiency & these microcontroller based solar chargers are ideal for off-grid low power solar applications. The excellent charging algorithm ensures highest state of charge and the low voltage disconnect protects the battery and increases battery life.


  • LED Indicators
  • Negligible Voltage Drops
  • Excellent charging Algorithm
  • Improves battery life and system performance
  • Protection from overheating, overcharging or short circuit.

MPPT Technology

A MPPT, or maximum power point tracker is an electronic DC to DC converter that optimizes the match between the solar array (PV panels), and the battery bank or utility grid. To put it simply, they convert a higher voltage DC output from solar panels down to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries. Performance also of the solar modules is optimally used through MPPT (Max Power Point Tracker). The most efficient working point of solar module changes due to different factors, such as module temperature, radiation, type of module etc. This working point is monitored regularly by internal micro-controller and if necessary, controlled in such a way so that, best performance of the solar module is achieved and the batteries are charged using the given maximum power. MPPT based Solar Charge Controllers are the latest available in the market but at a little higher cost.


  • LED-status display for charging status
  • Overall increases battery performance and charging efficiency by 30%.
  • Basis of regulation: charging status controlled
  • Type of regulation: Series
  • Temperature tracking.
  • Protection from overheating, overcharging or short circuit.