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SnowWhite – After Sales Service (Domestic, Commercial & Mineral Water Plants)

One of the key focuses of our company is after-sales-service-support. Our high end products are nothing without excellent and technology savvy customer service and support. To put it in simple terms our prestigious customers would get the same attention they got while buying our product, even years after the purchase. To ensure after sales service gets utmost priority and for retaining valued customers with us, the centralized service module is being directly managed by of one of our directors. It’s also a SLA driven service model.

Strong Sales, Service Network

We have a strong service network and in the last few months we have added lots of districts under the service network. This ensures that the service engineer is at the nearest vicinity to our customer. We have put lot of efforts in terms of providing star rated high quality service to our customers. Powerful technical support and service have ensured customer having long lasting relationship with us.

Unique Follow Up Service Model

Just for the simple reason that the RO system is under free service period the customer need not be running behind the company for having the free service done on time. We provide 6 free service check-ups during the period when the RO System is under 3 years warranty. All free services would be followed up by the company itself without the customer intervention.

Service HelpLine

We have a Centralized call Center to manage & Route all service calls. The customers need not be running behind our agents / dealers / distributers / technicians for service. All that is needed is to call the Service Call center no printed on your RO System.

Helpline Nos are: +91–44 – 65 4444 33 / 9962161399.

Service of Other RO System / Plant

As a customer are you paying too much (4000 and above) on AMC?
Tired of calling a technician many times and still your machine is left unattended?
Is the company punctual only for extending the contract and not prompt for service?
Do you want extended Membranes life? - Our imported universal membrane would fit into any RO water purifier.

Its time you call our call center no: 9962161399 / +91-44-65-4444-33 and become part of the huge and highly satisfied SnowWhite Customer base. Our high quality imported membranes and filters are universal and hence can be fitted to all RO water purifiers. The service also is done by technically knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals. The team uses its expertise in order to render high quality service for the customers.

Join SnowWhite Family – Joining Offer

The Domestic RO customers who are joining SnowWhite Family, Filter replacement, complete service and cleaning of RO machines would be done at only Rs. 100. Bright Colored RO System cover is also given totally free of cost.

First Service includes,

Bright Colored Beautiful Machine Cover
Old filter Replacement
Servicing / Cleaning your RO system.

All for 100 Rs/- (Generally charged at around 300 Rs)

Join SnowWhite family and enjoy all the benefits and privileges enjoyed by the other SnowWhite customers.

Service for Other Mineral Water Plants

Most of commercial segment customers who have entered into Mineral Water bottling / pouch business, share the same very common issue that their machines are not maintained properly even after spending a major share of their revenue for servicing mineral water plants.

SnowWhite takes up overhauling & revamping of such existing plants and would service them completely for optimum performance and issue free long life. Being one of the leading manufacturers of Mineral Plants our technical team comprises of professionally trained and experienced technical engineers.