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RO Offers

SnowWhite has an array of offers## for online customers only. The offers / discounts mentioned are genuinely true and prices of products are not hyped and discounts issued.

# RO systems without the offers also available in some cities. Please check with SnowWhite offices for further details

Online offers for Domestic RO:

  • IT companies – 10% off.
  • School & College Students – 12 % Off.
  • School Teachers (Both Private & Govt.), Central and State Govt. Employees – 13% Off.
  • Referral Bonus – Upto 1000 Rs.
  • Buy Two RO System & Get one free.
  • Exchange offer upto 3000 for your old water purifier.
  • Join SnowWhite Family – Service for 150 Rs.
  • Huge Bulk offer for IT companies (5 and more RO Systems)

IT companies – 10% off.

SnowWhite has given special concessions and discounts for employees working in IT companies. If you are an employee of IT / ITES please give the below mentioned documents and avail this one time offer.

  • Copy of your Company ID card
  • Copy of Ration card (or Address Proof)

School & College Students – 12 % Off.

SnowWhite has started a new scheme where School Students and College Students would enjoy a special discount on purchase of its State of Art RO Water purifiers. The students would enjoy bacteria free, chemical free, safe and naturally tasty water at huge discount offers. Please share a copy of the below mentioned documents for availing the offer.

  • Copy of your educational institution ID card
  • Copy of Ration card (or Address Proof)

Central and State Govt. Employees – 13% Off.

Here’s another reason why Govt. employees (State & Central), School Teachers (both Govt., Pvt) cannot miss this opportunity to join SnowWhite family. SnowWhite announces a whopping 13% off to Govt. employees and School teachers.

  • Copy of your identity card
  • Copy of Ration card (or Address Proof)

Referral Bonus – Upto 1000 Rs.

Refer your friend and have the satisfaction of protecting the health of your friend and his family. Also you would get referral bonus of Rs. 1000 for every friend referred.

Buy Two RO System & Get one free.

Join with friends / relatives, buy two RO systems and get one RO system totally free.
This is a short time scheme. This is part of “Anniversary Sale Offer” and would be taken off soon.
Act Fast!!! Pay only for 2 machines and take the third one totally free.

Exchange offer up to 3000 for your old water purifier:

If you are facing the below mentioned issues, its high time you exchange your old water purifier, join SnowWhite family and have total peace of mind for decades.

  • AMC amount more than Rs 4000 yearly. – SnowWhite machines come with a 3 Year extended warranty. Calculate the savings and proceed with exchange offer.
  • There are more than 10000 companies with “Aqua”, “RO” as prefix and suffix in their company name. Most of them are run as one man operation without much knowledge on water treatment. Do you want to risk your family with such products which come without any quality assurance or credibility?
  • People with experience in water treatment would understand that even within a 25 meter radius, water parameters drastically differ. Even a new water purifier would become dysfunctional within 3 months if water is not thoroughly tested for all parameters and right set of filters and membrane is installed.

If you are faced with above issues exchange your old RO machine for a brand new SnowWhite water purifier. SnowWhite RO water purifier would be a companion for all at home for the next whole 10 years. Bring your old machine purchase bill for a better exchange price.

Join SnowWhite Family – Joining Offer

For the Domestic RO customers who are joining SnowWhite Family, Filter replacement, complete service and cleaning of RO machines would be done at only Rs. 150. Bright Coloured RO System cover is also given totally free of cost.

First Service includes

Bright Colored Beautiful Machine Cover
Old filter Replacement
Servicing / Cleaning your RO system.

All for 150 Rs/- (Generally charged at around 300 Rs)

Join SnowWhite family and enjoy all the benefits and privileges enjoyed by the other SnowWhite customers.


Huge Bulk offers (5 and more RO Systems)

Software Companies and other private companies planning for a gift to their employees, can gift SnowWhite RO water purifiers for the good health of the employees and safety of their families. For such huge bulk offers, please contact the company for unbelievable offers.

Terms and Conditions

  • Conditions Apply. The rules and regulations vary from model to model
  • One offer cannot be clubbed with another offer.
  • In cases of conflicts, the decision taken by the company is final.