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Solar Products

Solar power is energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy.
Solar energy is the most readily available renewable energy source available, and in India there is no dearth of solar energy. Using Solar energy, numerous technologies have got developed in the last 50 years, more particularly in the last 20 years. In India in the last 5 years prices of solar products and solar power have come down so drastically that it well within the reach of everyone.

Right Choice of the Millennium

The sun has been there for ages and is going to be there for another trillion of years and it is giving free energy and it is not tapped to its fullest potential. In a country like India where most part of the year it would be hot and fully sunny, it is wise that we use Solar energy to minimize power shortages.
With clear decisions being made both by the Central Govt and most of the state governments, we also moving towards Solar energy would be the right choice of the millennium.

Total and Total – Free Energy

The solar energy is available totally free and more particularly without any problems or boundaries to share with. Except for a one time investment that too with a faster investment pay back, the overall benefits that we enjoy by utilizing the free solar is numerous and long term.

Clean Energy

The electricity created through current forms has a lot of issues and also the carbon emissions pose serious threats to the environment. Also the electricity generated through nuclear energy has its own set of problems and conflicts. Also it’s known fact that all the other sources are diminishing fast and hence becoming difficult to acquire or costlier.
Solar energy on the other hand has no environmental concerns but a Green Ambassador to nature.

Good Bye to Power Cuts

With the whole of India facing huge power shortage it’s become very common that most of the towns and cities are facing power cuts ranging from 2 hours to even 10 hours. With day to day necessity of power increases substantially this gap of demand vs availability is going to widen. So it would be wise decision to invest of Solar energy and say “Good Bye” to power failures.

Huge Reduction on Electricity Bills

It’s a known fact that moving towards solar energy is going to have an immediate effect on the current bills. Depending on the size of the solar system you choose to install, you can save an average of 50% of your electric bill or even eliminate it all together. Probably some would in the near future forget electricity bills forever.

Self Reliance

By moving towards solar power for their homes/commercial places/offices one can become Self Reliant in meeting the power requirements on their own. Our company Vision is also about “Independent Future” and we illustrate this in all our businesses and work towards meeting that bright and safe future where we are not locked into numerous factors we are not able to control on our own.

Subsidies & Incentive from Government

For encouraging many citizens to buy solar products and also to convert to Solar Energy, both Central Government and State Government of most of the states have announced lucrative subsidies and incentives.

Real Estate Value of your Home / Commercial Property

Latest Studies show that making a smart investment and adding a solar system increases a home’s resale value exponentially. Many builders of late have started installing Solar Power for their real estate projects to attract more customers and have their property sold faster.

Long Term Benefits

Solar panels have a life time of around 30 – 40 years and would produce electricity for a quarter of our lifetime. Also our high quality panels come with 25 years warranty. If we calculate the Return of investment it would be more than the returns from other investments. With also the huge list of other Long term benefits attached, for sure this would be the right investment.

Proven Technology

It all started during the 18th Century itself when a swiss scientist invented first solar collector, but after a series of inventions and breakthrough during the 19th century the technology is totally proven and it’s here to stay. Now it’s gone to a stage where almost all countries have understood its importance and the past few years have seen enormous investment in utility-scale solar plants, with records for the largest frequently being broken.

As of 2012, the history’s largest solar energy plant is the Golmud Solar Park in China, with an installed capacity of 200 megawatts. This is arguably surpassed by India’s Gujarat Solar Park, a collection of solar farms scattered around the Gujarat region, boasting a combined installed capacity of 605 megawatts.

Germany is leading other countries in the generation of electricity from solar power and also usage of Solar water Heaters. Germany which has colder climate most part of the year and gets only about as much sunshine as the state of Alaska, but Germans have successfully installed about 25 gigawatts of solar power– half of the entire world’s supply.

Solar Vs Inverter

Solar Electricity Inverter
Use your own Electricity, generated freely at home. EB Bill - Double as Electricity is used from your House EB Line / Grid.
SnowWhite Solar Panel Lifetime -More than 30 years – 40 Years. Battery life - 5 to 7 Years. Invest once& Forget; Enjoy free Electricity for lifetime. 25 years warranty. Lifetime Very less. Often less than 1 year. Talk to other inverter customers for their experience.
SnowWhite Hybrid Solar - For your 24 X 7 power needs. Day time - Directly from panel;
Night time - Battery Back up. If battery is down power from grid directly is used.
Only during current cuts or as back up.
Reliable. Electricity even during power shut down days or rainy days. Power Shut Down days no power. Need power to charge inverters.
Govt Subsidy & Incentives. Payback -  3years No Subsidy / It keeps draining money.

SnowWhite – Independent Future

SnowWhite’s wide range of Solar Products offer self-dependability, huge cost savings, reliability and also come with lots of latest technical advancements upgraded into it. So going for next generation SnowWhite Solar products means you never have to struggle with power cuts but enjoy with less electricity bills and huge savings on money. We have a Vision of “Independent Future” which promises predictable power and hence safe and bright future and no more chained interdependence.

SnowWhite Solar UPS – Home

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SnowWhite Solar UPS – Institutional

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SnowWhite Solar Emergency Light

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SnowWhite Solar Fan

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SnowWhite Solar Garden Lights

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SnowWhite Solar Water Heater

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SnowWhite Solar CFL, LED, TubeLights

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SnowWhite Solar Street Lights

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Why is SnowWhite Solar Right for you

SnowWhite offers innovative Solar Products and sustainable Solar Power Solutions for residential, commercial and institutional patrons at affordable prices to deliver significant energy, cost savings and also help them smooth over their entire power problems.

SnowWhite leverages its huge manufacturing & industry specific domain knowledge, strong Engineering background and expert integration capabilities to provide complete turnkey Solar Solutions to its prestigious customers. SnowWhite whose foundation is built with its corporate philosophy of Self Reliance and has a Vision to achieve “Independent Future” is treading in the right direction in achieving this.

 SnowWhite Solar Advantage

  • Quality Panels – German Technology – “Q” Cells - High reliability.
  • Not just Solar installations – Exemplary planning, design and Top Notch Engineering
  • System Integrator – Industry wise Best in-class integration capabilities.
  • Solar Expert Consulting is mandated in every project life cycle.
  • Generic Solutions never works - Customized plant design for specific applications,.
  • Performance monitoring under a diverse set of climatic conditions.
  • Easy to maintain and operate.
  • Life of system - 30 - 40 years. Warranty 25 Years.
  • Optimize total cost of ownership.

 SnowWhite Solar Project Implementation Approach

SnowWhite is a company led and managed by a group of enthusiastic and highly experienced engineers and they have put in practice a disciplined process oriented approach in each of the Solar Power project getting implemented.

 Going Solar with the expert SnowWhite