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Commercial RO

SnowWhite – Independent Future.

SnowWhite’s wide range of Institutional RO Systems are built to last long and have created a huge reputation of reliability, quality and efficiency for itself. The same class is achieved irrespective of project size or the segment we serve.

SnowWhite offers a huge range of products including RO Systems (30LPH to 20000LPH), UV Sterilization systems, Tank Bag Filters and serves to different clients/segments which include Schools, Colleges, Educational institutions, Software companies, Clinics and Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Factory, Church, Mosques, Temples, Places of Worship, banks and other public/pvt offices/ organizations. More importantly we have thousands of huge satisfied customers all throughout the zone of operation.

When it comes to deciding on a water purifier extra care and detailing has to be done as it must guard your family from all health hazards and also live along with you the next whole decade. Please read through the below mentioned points which you would have to keep in mind while taking a decision on buying a purifier. Choose the one that’s right for you.

 Right RO Systeme

The size of the machine depends on the no of users and the amount of water they would use from the machine per hour. Buying a machine without determining the correct size of the machine might cause the machines to put in more work hours and end up wear out faster. Our consultants would visit the location, study the client requirements and accordingly suggest the right RO machine. Please reach out to our call center (+91-44-65 4444 33 / 9962161399).

 Safe treated Water @ 5 Paise/Litre

If you have not upgraded to SnowWhite RO system, it’s the right time as you get the pure, healthy and tasty mineral water @ 5 paise / litre. More than the saving you work out for your organization or educational institution, you would drastically minimize the chances of your employees or your school kids /students falling ill.

 SnowWhite High TDS (Salt) Challenge

Most of the Institutional water purifier manufactures/dealers would not install their machines where Salt level is higher than 2500 ppm (TDS). SnowWhite Institutional RO Water purifiers come with a specialized imported membrane from US which cater to high TDS levels upto 7000 ppm. Our machines which have been installed in the areas which have TDS levels between 5000 – 7000 ppm are all running successfully for years (Pl Contact for Real Time References).

 Right Membrane - Long Life Guaranteed

All purifiers companies follow the practice of common membrane, common machine to all customers. Membrane has to be used based on salt levels and calcium and magnesium levels in water. If the salt level is high or calcium, magnesium is high in your locality the possibility of the machine going dysfunctional in 3 to 6 months is very high. Experts from SnowWhite would test the water at your place; check the salt levels; accordingly install the right membrane ensuring long issue free life for your RO system.

 Decade long lifetime

Our Institutional machines are built to last long and with regular service and EWC would work for a decade without any hassles. Your previous frustrating experience of buying a new machine every 3 / 4 years would come to an end with you choosing a SnowWhite Institutional machine.

 Service & Repairs

Service is our Forte. We provide 6 free service check-ups during the period when the RO System is under 3 years warranty*. We have a strong service network and we have put lot of efforts in terms of providing star rated high quality service to our customers. Many of our satisfied happy customers return back again and again for buying other products of SnowWhite.

Service HelpLine: We have a Centralized call Center to manage & Route all service calls. The customers need not be running behind our agents / dealers / distributers / technicians for service. All that is needed is to call the Service Call center no printed on your RO System.

Unique Follow Up Service Model: During the warranty period regular free check-ups are done and all these free services would be followed up by the company itself without the customer intervention.

 Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured using quality raw material & produced by a highly class technical team of professionals. Moreover, the quality testers ensure that all products remain in strict compliance with the defined industry standards. Our range is appreciated for its long lasting quality, low energy consumption and low maintenance requirements. Our perseverance towards stringent manufacturing processes and providing only the best possible products has led to widespread expansion of the organization. Every single product that is rolled out from the manufacturing unit undergoes rigorous testing, QA check, QA certified before being shipped out for sale.