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Partner with SnowWhite

SnowWhite – A Brand Known with the masses has now started an expansion program and opening up Authorized Franchise Stores.

The company is expanding aggressively into different regions and territories. Also we have a target of 20 Lakh customers to be added into our SnowWhite Family by 2016. We are planning for about 500 Franchise Stores by end of 2020.

We are looking out for Franchises, Agents, Dealers, Distributors, Retailers who can take the company cause to each and every nook and corner of the world.

SnowWhite – Franchise Partnership Program - Products / Services

By partnering with SnowWhite, work with a company which has solutions and products that would totally eliminate water, power, energy and garbage problems of the world at reasonably right prices. Without any investment or knowledge of business partners get an opportunity to work on multiple streams of business, so many products and turnkey solutions.

Partnership with SnowWhite

No Investment – Totally Free!!! Believe this!!!!

  • New Business Model – No Investments; High returns. No Targets; No Sales Pressure, No primitive marketing;
  • Low Cost Business Model – Benefits to Customer and Franchise Owner.
  • Also Partnering with SnowWhite is totally Free!!!
  • This is the right time you start your own business.
  • Partner with SnowWhite for an Independent Future.

SnowWhite Support to Business Franchises

World is Changing, New Dreams – Why the same old way to do Business? – New Business model.

  • No Investment, No Commitment, No Target, No Volume Pressure, No Sales Pressure, No Cash commitments, No primitive marketing.
  • Low Cost Business Model – Benefits totally to customers and Franchise owner.
  • No Investment but high Returns, Royalty Programs
  • No Volume based pricing, Slab Based pricing.

It’s not all,

  • We do all the heavy lifting of Campaigns, Investment, Advertisement, Technology, Consulting,Technical solutions, Customer Management, Customer Services, Franchise Store Decoration.
  • We provide Trainings, Demonstration Tips, and Experience Sharing too to Franchises.
  • Work along with Franchises in getting new leads, business avenues and customers.
  • Company has worked out a successful Marketing Strategy where latest technical advancements play a major role.

Expectations from Business Franchises

  • The franchise partner should strongly believe in “Make IT Happen” approach.
  • The Franchise partner should have lots of passion to succeed and flourish.
  • Support marketing initiatives and campaigns of the company.
  • Share region wise intelligence information to the company.
  • SnowWhite has shown tremendous and faster growth. Rally along with Growth for an Independent Future.
  • There are multiple channels of partnering with SnowWhite. Call us to understand more.

Who can Partner

Who all can partner with SnowWhite

SnowWhite is a channel for everyone to jump start into businesses of future irrespective of whether you are into business currently or not.

Our business Partners don’t need to be doing primitive marketing or sweating hard for selling. All partners would be trained and tuned in our highly successful business campaigns. We have an effective methodology where little of your efforts itself would bring high returns.

If still not motivated, the products and solutions to bring transformation and solve problems related to Water, Power and Solid Waste Management have a market penetration of less than 2% in India. So join SnowWhite at the right time and tap lion’s share of a very huge market.

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