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Outsourcing - Total Water Management

Total Outsourcing. Systematic Integration Approach. Regular Technical Upgrades
Software Aided Treatment Program Industry Wise Unique Water Treatment Model
Huge Savings Regular professional intervention, long life to treatment plant.

Water is a precious resource. The necessity of water for industrial purposestoo is very high but the availability of sustained water is very limited and very challenging. Even the water that is available in many places is very badly contaminated or hard that the raw water needs lots of filtration processes for consumption.We at SnowWhite provide end to end water treatment solutions for all industries. The companies can totally relieve themselves of their water treatment / management and hand them to SnowWhite professional team.

Our Approach

As part of Total Water Management SnowWhite Engineers based on their huge experience would take up a Systematic Integrated Approach of the below mentioned processes

Step1. Water Test and Analysis Step2. Software Simulated Design
Step3. Pre-treatment; Chemical Pre-Treatment Step4. Post Treatment

Step 1 : Water Test and Analysis

As part of the complete water management for the company, a thorough water analysis and necessary tests are done in our lab.

Below are some of the important parameters for which water would be tested for

Aluminium Silica Soluble Barium 
Ortho Phosphate Bacteriological Silver
Ammonia Silica Colloidal Bicarbonate
Potassium Bacteriological (coliform) Sodium
Arsenic Selenium Cadmium
Strontium Carbonate Chloride
Calcium Sulphate Total Hardness
Total Organic Carbon Turbidity Chlorine
Color Dissolved Iron Total Iron
Total Phosphate Zinc Chromium
Conductivity Total Alkalinity (m value) Fluoride
Total Suspended Solids Carbonate Alkalinity (p value) Free Chlorine
Copper Total Dissolved Solids Lead
Magnesium Manganese Nickel

Step 2 : Software Simulated Plant Design

SnowWhite Offers

Computer Simulated Design All Key Info Fed into System
Optimal Plant Design Right & Optimum Use of Chemical infusions
Regular Performance Checks; Fouling, Scaling prevented Perfect Results

SnowWhite is showing the whole world the right way to design, model and deliver a Water Treatment Plant. In order to get the best design for water treatment, SnowWhite Engineers along with their experience, use software for modelling and optimization of the water treatment plant. The data from the water report is fed into the software which suggests the right model for pre-Treatment (including calculating UF array, values for chemicals to be used), calculates Membrane array, NF array, post-treatment, and also suggest optimal values for effective water output. This process ensures all vital data like SDI index, TDS, PH Value, Turbidity, Acidity, Alkalinity, Hardness, chlorine etc… are analysed to perfection and these vital info would ensure long lifetime for the water treatment plant.

Step 3 : Pre-treatment and its importance

In water treatment plants RO and NF are manufactured and designed for salt and dissolved particle removal and not for removal of high levels of suspended matter. If the surface water or borewell has high levels of turbidity, suspended particles and organic substances it would impact in the overall performance of the RO, NF plants and finally end up in blockage, scale formation and fouling of membranes and reduced lifetime of water treatment plants. Likewise if the water is acidic or alkaline or has large presence of lime and iron even the RO processed water would be discoloured and might not get the desired results and become failures.

Based on the study and analysis of water pre-treatment systems are designed with a combination of Chemical and mechanical pre-treatment options. Based on the quality of feed water the whole pre-treatment system is designed from simple to complex with Ultrafiltration, Media Filter, Sand Filters, Mixed Bed Filters,Softeners etc…

Chemical Pre-Treatment

In some instances based on need, chemical preTreatmentoption is also used for reducing high acidity, alkalinity, PH, De-Chlorination andAnti-scalent operations.

Step 4 : Post Treatment

The final stage of post treatment primarily stabilizes water and it includes PH adjustment/ booster, Alkalinity, Odour Control, UV disinfection for additional disinfection and Ozonation.