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Nano Filtration

SnowWhite Offers

Low Cost Alternative to RO plant. SW Engineers shall decide NF membrane type based on water quality parameters.
Pre-Engineered Readily Available Modules. Dow NF Membranes. Spiral Wound & Tubular Modules available.

Nanofiltration, in concept and operation, is much the same as reverse osmosis. As a low-cost alternative to reverse osmosis in terms of unit price and operating costs, nanofiltration is particularly well-suited for many applications.NF is also called low-pressure RO. Its membranes remove particles and small dissolved molecules and ions, usually hardness, iron, organics or color. NF is generally targeted to remove only divalent and larger ions. Monovalent ions such as sodium and chloride will pass through a nanofiltration membrane. In the filtration spectra the Nanofiltration lies between the Ultrafiltration and the Reverse Osmosis.

Nano-filtration systems and their usage for water treatmentsdiffer with industry to industry, based on various requirements and filtration levels. With our huge experience in water treatment plants,clients can engage us with any form of Nano-Filtration.


  • Low cost alternative to RO Plant.
  • Removes hardness, iron, organics or color.
  • NF has low-fouling membranes.
  • NF produces more production water compared to RO.

Used in

  • In Water treatment instead of Softeners
  • Food and pharma
  • Desalination of dyestuffs
  • Pesticide elimination.