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Snow White - Municipal Waste Management

Segregation, Collection, transportation and treatment. Waste treatment & Disposal – Scientific and Advanced Technical Solutions.
Minimal cost to the municipality. Solid Waste - Recycle, Reuse, Reduce.

Rapid increase in population, increase in solid and hazardous waste as a result of continuous economic growth and urbanization. Solid Waste Management (SWM) is one of the important key functions of the municipality. Over the years, the quantum of waste generated by different category of waste producers (Households, Commercial centers, Institutions, Industries etc) has been increasing keeping in pace with the increase in urbanization, population growth and associated activities.

India’s population as per 2001 census was 1027 million, of which the urban population was 285.35 million or 27.87% of the total population residing in 5161 cities and towns. It is expected to increase to about 432.61million or 32.3% by 2021 AD and 534.8 million or 38.2% by 2026 AD. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in waste management has been introduced and SnowWhite is working with some Panchayat and municipalities in garbage processing and managing solid waste.

Collection and Transportation

SnowWhite with the right experience in Solid waste management and trained staff ensure that the house / commercial waste is collected at source itself in a segregated manner. The organized collection ensures that the streets, roads are free from litter and are clean. The waste is then transported to the nearby processing center where the bio-degradable waste is treated.

Garbage Processing & Treatment

SnowWhite works with the municipality in developing an integrated waste processing and disposal facility where the garbage is processed. The garbage gets new life and does not end in landfill. With latest technical machinery which involve high standards of engineering, the garbage is covered to electricity or compost or recyclables sent to recycling unit for reuse. Aero Tiller, Plastic and Bio-Shredder, Compost Screening, segregation magnetic conveyer etc are some of the machinery used in garbage processing.