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Multi-Layer Media & Sand Filters

Vessel Types – SS, FRP and fabricated Steel (MS) Various Flow Rates and volumes available.
Quartz sand, Resin, Mixed bed Resin, silica sand, gravel, anthracite coal, activated carbon based on Filtration requirement Design as per water attributes and as Specified by Computer Simulation

Sand Filters are primarily used for removing big particles, suspended solids and colloid from water and for dropping turbidity. The purpose is to remove suspended particles from surface water and used as primary filter and pre-treatment for various industrial water treatment plants. It’s the most conventional and common technology, but significant knowledge and knowledge is required to provide high efficient systems. The huge experience with SnowWhite helps us design, commission and maintain a wide range of filtration systems with ease.

We offer three types of Filters including Stainless Steel Vessel, FRP Vessels and fabricated Steel(MS) based on industry and requirement. The dual filter media can be filled with Quartz sand, silica sand, gravel, anthracite coal, activated carbon etc based on the application and can be individually used or in combination for producing industry standard bench mark results.


  • Removes Suspended solids, colloid substances
  • Reduces water acidity, Used for PH regulation
  • Removes microbial contaminants
  • Removes undesirable or unacceptable toxic or hazardous organic compounds
  • Improves life of RO plant

Used in

  • RO Pre-treatment, Municipal potable Water treatment
  • Waste water Treatment Plants
  • Food and Beverage Industry, Sugar, Distilleries, Pharma& Power Industries
  • All industries where processed water is used