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Snow White - Incinerator

Unique garbage destructor. Any garbage, no electricity/Fuel; Japanese Technology. Reduces Garbage @ 1:300 ratio. Bi-product is Ceramic Ash which can be reused.
Incinerates in 8 hours. Available in SS and MS.

SWATCH-1 machine is completely developed using Japanese technology to completely dispose the waste below 65% moisture. Magnetized Advanced burning process burns the waste inside the CAPSULE and takes about 3 to 8 hrs. of time. In side temperature between 180c to 500c depend on usage of the machine, it runs with free of cost, it requires no maintenance.

Swatch – I handles Medical bio waste, Chicken/Mutton/fish wastes, poultry waste, Bio fertilize, cement factories/ chemical industries waste etc. and general municipal solid waste and plastic, rubber etc.,

Features of the SWATCH-I

  • Does not need electricity / Fuel for garbage incineration
  • Compact and occupies very small space.
  • No pollution, no odour, no leakage.
  • Garbage to Ash @ 1:300 ratio
  • Totally backed by Japanese Technology.
  • Handling very simple and safe.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • No operational Cost