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Snow White - Home Softner

Why should water spoil the happiness of your new home?

Softener is part of the complete SnowWhite Ultra Home Water Filtration System. SnowWhite water softeners play an important role in today’s homes eradicating hard water problems, producing litre upon litre of fresh, soft water each and every day of the year. Feel the huge difference when you bath in luxurious soft, silky scum-free softened water.

Eradicate all hard water problems on your own. SnowWhite – Independent Future.

Look into Benefits

  • Healthy Hair
     Hair Fall & Dandruff
     Soft, Healthy & Glowing Hair

  • Glowing Skin
     Skin feels soft, smoother and cleaner
     Soap lather well and does not form a scrum bubble in soft
     Dry Skin & Enzyme
     Soft on Baby.

  • Home Appliances & Vessels
     Rust, Limescale build up & clogging in washing machine, water heater
     Long Life of Washing Machines (Basking & Drum), Water Heaters, Dishwasher
     Permanent Corrosion spots in vesslels.
     Shiny Vessels, cutlery & Glassware.

    Bright Clothes
     Bright, Cleaner & Soft clothes
     All Detergents lather well. Usage of soaps and detergents can be drastically reduced.
     Fabrics last long and does not give a dry feeling when worn even years later.


  • Always Cleaner Bathrooms
     No stains in Washing Basin, Bathroom Tiles.
     No brown rust mark in toilets
     No more painful washing of bathroom & faucets and spoiling your weekend.
     All taps and Faucets to give a bright look forever.
     No more blocks in bathroom Shower and fountain like free flow of Water.

  • Pipe & Fittings
     Corrosion & Scale formation in pipes and fittings
     No more chocked water lines.
     No more frequent replacement of GI pipelines due to corrosion and rust.
     Scale deposits are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other unwanted micro-organisms. Bacterial growth in water carrying pipes is totally avoided.

  • Cost benefits
     Up to 20% off future heating bills
     Save up to 50% on shampoos and detergents
     No need to buy costly limescale removing cleaning products
     No repair and maintenance costs on pipes and home appliances due to limescale build up.
     It can pay for itself within two to four years
     Softened water saves time – Independent studies have confirmed that considerable cleaning time is saved with softened water
     Car looks shiningly new ever after years of use. Rust formation is totally avoided when car is washed at home.