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De-Mineralization Plant

SnowWhite Offers

Vessel Types – SS, FRP and fabricated Steel (MS) Various Flow Rates and volumes available.
Resin, Mixed bed Resin, based on Filtration requirement Design as per client requirement

Deionization is an ion exchange process using synthetic plastic beads.Deionizers / Demineralization plants may be categorized as "mixed bed", containing both cation and anion resin in a single vessel, or "dual bed", where each resin type is in a separate vessel. mixed bed deionizers produce water containing the lowest ionic concentrations. The regeneration is necessitated when the ions reach their exchange capacity. When the cation resin is “recharged” with an acid bath regeneration, the hydrogen ion becomes “attached” to the resin beads. In the case of the anion regeneration, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) is used and the hydroxyl ion becomes “attached”. When water containing virtually any other ions flows over the resin beads, they will release the hydrogen and hydroxyl ions and attach (remove) virtually all other ions


  • This can be designed along with RO plant for mineral free pure water for the industrial processes
  • User friendly, simple and Cost effective solution.
  • Generally needs less water for backwash
  • Low operating & maintenance costs

Used in

  • RO Pre-treatment, Municipal potable Water treatment
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • All industries where processed water is used

SnowWhite DM Plants use acid / alkali proof pressure vessels,high quality ion exchange resins or mixed bed resins. SnowWhite experts backed by huge experience in water treatment plants would ensure that the demineralization plant is commissioned properly and all the right parameters are taken into consideration for perfect results.