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Snow White - Bio-Gas Plant

Bio-Gas plants can convert municipality, Industry, Agriculture wastes into electricity / Fuel. Non-polluting and renewable source of energy.
With power shortage this technology is gaining momentum. Estimated 17,000 MW can be produced in India using Bio-Gas. SnowWhite has experience managing the Bio-Gas Plants for Municipalities and industries.

Hospital Waste Incinerator

SnowWhite is one of the very few and elite companies which generate non-polluting and renewable power. We generating electricity from the garbage saves the universe from pollution and green gas emissions.

Biogas – is gas produced by means of anaerobic fermentation of biomass. Biomass decomposition is made by methanogenic bacterium. Gas composition is methane 50%-65%, 25%-45% CO2, and some admixtures. It is estimated that India can produce power of about 17,000 MW using biogas. This is about 10% of the total electricity installed capacity in India Our extensive experience of sewage, landfill and biogas technology can be applied to full effect when integrated with co-generation systems into the digestion process.