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Who we are

SnowWhite has been commenced by an establishment which has been into wholesale Retail businesses since 1976. The foresight, vision and integrity enabled us to spread the wings of our business. Our sincere commitment to quality excellence; continual support by our valuable customers made us establish as a major wholesale merchant.

SnowWhite operates in nearly 50 locations with strong sales network in South India. SnowWhite with business interests in Water Treatment, Renewable Energy / Solar Power, Solid Waste Management, within a short span has provided services to large spectrum of clients across different verticals.

SnowWhite as a company are known for their defect free, Superior Quality products. Our products have been designed and built on latest cutting edge technologies. Our strong committed team and strong Service network also doubly ensures maximum customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Water, Power and Solid Waste has a major influence in the life of every person on earth. India is in a serious crisis due to shortage of water, power and surplus Solid Waste littering our environment. Our Vision is to ensure that the benefits of water treatment, Solar Power and Solid Waste Management solutions is available to everyone.

SnowWhite - Independent Future

Dreaming of a future with power and water in abundance, no restriction on electricity usage, predictable power with no electricity bills, clean water, cleaner cities and towns. We see ourselves as part of a global network shaping this change.

Our Mission

  • With a Mission of solving day to day problems of families and businesses, we focus strongly about setting up a benchmark in Renewable Energy, Water Treatment, Solar Power and Solid waste management globally.
  • From small beginnings SnowWhite as a company has added many distributors, Franchise Stores, service centers, locations throughout Tamilnadu in a very short time.
  • To acquire a customer base target of 20 Lakh customers by 2020.